Sep. 30th, 2015

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Hired Assassin/Mercenary T-1000

In this version of the T-1000, Skynet had designed the unit with a hidden directive to self-terminate upon assassinating John Connor. Due to a subtle shift in the sequence of events, the T-1000 succeeds in killing John Connor, and when it becomes aware of its order to commit suicide, it proves its superiority over all prior Terminators by prioritizing its own directives and choosing to obey its self-preservation directive instead of Skynet's choice. But, there was an inadvertent failsafe: the molecular power source Skynet had designed for the T-1000 had concerns toward its longevity. These concerns were justified. The T-1000 is on borrowed time, and must acquire rare materials (or something) to continue to exist.

As a method of gathering the resources it will need, the T-1000 decides to hire itself out as a contract killer. After all, when you're a freelance hammer, you don't go into screwdriving as your livelihood. Still trying to figure out what exactly a T-1000 eats :)

Student-Against-the-Master T-1000

Instead of simply going rogue, the T-1000 actively goes on the offense against Skynet. This could easily be in the form of a variation on the theme above, or perhaps in a future setting, Skynet disagrees with it's all-too-intelligent spawn's tactics (or something) and orders a recall. The T-1000 realizes that it is on the chopping block and goes to war with its master. There is the potential for a quasi-alliance with humanity, here.

Super Crack Buddy Cop T-1000

Because, to hell with it. TERMINATORCOP IS ON THE CASE. (maybe he got reprogrammed/initially programmed by the resistance, or his quasi-alliance above really really blossoms, or something)

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Totally Officer Steve Austin. Definitely. Yep.
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