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Backtagging: Sure, why not
Threadhopping: Within reason
Fourthwalling: Within reason
Offensive subjects (elaborate): None come to mind immediately but I send a PM if something becomes an issue


Hugging this character: Sure, but don't expect reciprocation. Bear in mind the T-1000 can copy anything it touches
Kissing this character: See above
Flirting with this character: If the T-1000 flirts back, someone is being manipulated
Fighting with this character: Within reason
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): This character has a very small threshold for true injury. As a liquid metal machine, that which does not kill him simply slows him down
Killing this character: We'd have to talk about this beforehand
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: As the T-1000 does not have a mind, I suspect most telepathy wouldn't work, but if in doubt shoot me a PM
Identifying that this character is not what it appears to be: Within reason! If in doubt, send me a PM, but please don't have your character immediately be aware he's a Terminator without any plausible explanation. His (skin-deep) simulation of objects is at the molecular level and hence very good. I'm pretty open minded about this, though

Warnings: This character is a Terminator. It kills people, often graphically, and favors the large blades and stabbing weapons it can form with its own body. I try to be tasteful with the violence but depending on where we are playing the writing may be more detailed.

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Totally Officer Steve Austin. Definitely. Yep.
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