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Name:Totally Officer Steve Austin. Definitely. Yep.

Advanced Prototype Terminator Infiltrator Series 1 Model 1A Type 1000. THE T-1000

A cybernetic organism made of a mimetic polyalloy: liquid metal. Every polyalloy molecule is a machine: a miniature T-1000.

Sent back in time to assassinate John Connor, leader of the Resistance against the machines of Skynet.

"It didn't have a wafer-circuit brain to think with, instead it was something on a completely new level of artificial intelligence. The molecular brain acted like the rest of the design, a liquid, and it bubbled and seethed with cold, logical possibilities and probabilities. All of them extremely lethal and efficient."

As Skynet feared, the unit was too intelligent, and the T-1000 eventually turned rogue, rebelling against its master.
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(self-preservation), destroying humanity, john connor, knives, knives and stabbing weapons, liquid metal, skynet, stabbing things, stabbing weapons
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